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About Survivor Run

"My name is Phil Anderson and I am a stroke survivor."

I suffered an Ischemic stroke in April 2007.  I am a runner and fortunately for me, I suffered no permanent physical damage.  I was able to walk locally on the Ma and Pa trail in Bel Air Md.  just days after the stroke.  My problem is that I suffer from Aphasia (difficulty in speaking, especially).  I find that even years later, I still have some difficulty in speaking and writing.  My wife and my speech therapist have helped me greatly, but sometimes I still feel I have quite a bit of work ahead of me. 

Due to the hard work and patience of my family, my speech therapist and the doctors and nurses at Upper Chesapeake Hospital, I decided it was my responsibility (or duty) to give back to all those who have assisted me in my recovery.  I decided to do what I do best – run.  On the first anniversary of my stroke, I decided to have a run, the Survivor Run.  My wife and I measured the course (at the hospital), gathered informative pamphlets on stroke from the hospital, and I prepared a few posters.  It rained and rained and rained, and there were only a handful of runners there.

In (2008) We had a FREE race that started and ended at Upper Chesapeake Health.

In (2009) We had a FREE race at Annie's playground. All runners got a red Survivor bag. 
In (2010), on my third anniversary, I became involved with the National Stroke Association and received over $2,000 in donations from the run.  I had 70 runners there and it was a great success.  

In (2011) my proceeds from the race went to the Stroke Network of Harford County, Md.

In (2012), I raised funds for the National Aphasia Assoc and again The Stroke Network.  

In (2013), I raised funds for The Stroke Network, The American Cancer Society and The Ma & Pa Heritage Trail.

In (2014), I raised $1,000 for The Stroke Network and a check for $1,000 was given to the Rasac Scholarship fund.

In (2015}, I celebrated my 70 th birthday with a "Specal Run", both a 7K and 7 mile race. 

In (2016) the theme was; "Shoe sizes"  ...  Special prizes where handed out for shoe sizes.. 

In (2017) For the 10th annual race, the theme was;  "A Decade since my Stroke". 

In (2018) the theme will be;   Do you what a new Bike?

In (2019) the theme will be;  An Even Dozen.

A. Stroke:  You can learn more about the Stroke Network by going to their web site at:      

B. Article: A nice short article about me. You can read it here:

C. Aphasia: You can find more info on Aphasia at:

D. My Movie: For more information about Stroke, watch my movie. Here is a link for it here:  (made by Wherl Productions). 

E. My Running club:

For more information about my running club go to:

Remember think FAST;  (Face, Arms , Speech, Time) to prevent strokes!

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