The Survivor Run
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History of the Survivor Run:

On April 4, 2007 I had a TIA or "Mini" stroke.  On Friday, April 6 - 2 days later - I had a full Stroke. After my recovery from the stroke,  I decided to start a new race, The Survivor Run. 

Below is the history the race:
Year 1 - 2008 - 25 Runners

Free race. Started and ended at Upper Chesapeake Health.

Handed out Stroke information. 

Results are here:

Year 2 - 2009 - 69 Runners 

Free race. Started and ended at Annie's playgound on the Ma & Pa trail. All runners got a Red Survivor Bag with give aways.

Raised funds for the National Stroke Association.

Here is the Runners Free Bag and womens winners:


Results are here:

Year 3 - 2010 - 101 Runners
Price - $20 & $25 entry. All runners got a Black Survivor Run T-shirt.

Free breakfast after the race at MaGerks Pub.

Raised funds for the National Stroke Association.

Results are here:

Year 4 - 2011 - 248 Runners

Price - $20 & $25 entry. All runners got a gray Survivor Run T-shirt. 

Started and ended at MaGerks Pub. Timing by Elite Race Management.

Raised funds for The Stroke Network of Harford County.

Results are here:

Year 5 - 2012 - 255 Runners  

Price - $20 & $25 entry.  Met the 300 Runner limit a week before the race, and closed out the race.  Online sign up was available this year thru BazuSports.  Thanks to Elite Race Management for the timing again.

The course was the same as 2011, out and back to the Ma & Pa trail.  But we backed up the start a little and the distance came out to a true 5 K (3.1 miles). Turnaround is just before the tunnel at Rt 24.

All runners get a Charcoal T-shirt and Free Breakfast after the race at MaGerk's Pub. The top 5 men and womens got a special red shirt with numbers 1-5.  The top 3 got a real nice logo mug.

Had a Banner made by Jimmy and Jamie Roeder from

Raised at total of:  $4,250.00
 for "The Stroke Network" of Harford county and the National Aphasia Assoc.

Results are here:

Plus, there were 5 Survivors who started at 7:00 am and finished the race.

. # 41 Dan Hetrick              - 1:31:43
. # 43 Nathan Hetrick         - 1:31:43
. # 45 Megan Hetrick          - 1:31:43
. # 46 Katie Hetrick            - 1:31:43
. # 216 Tia Timpson            - 1:35:02  

R.D. Comment: Both Dan and Tia are good friends who have had a Stroke in recent years.  I am very proud that they came to my race. They both are doing great in there recovery.  Look for them at the 2013 race.

Year 6 - 2013 - 300 Runner limit

Price - $25.00 & $35.00.  Runners got an Orange T-shirt, the Orioles are going great now! Donations were handed out to: The Stroke Network, The American Cancer Society, and The Ma & Pa Heritage Trail. Special Hats will be handed out to the top 5 men and female winners and 51 "Special" prizes were handed out.  284 runners signed up. 241 finishers and just 23 no shows.

The results are posted at Elite Race management site. Go here to see the reults:

Year 7 - 2014 - 300 Runner limit.  

Price - $25.00 & 35.00. Runners got a Red New Balance shirt and a matching red bag. Checks and cash for $2,550 were handed out to the Stroke Network and a check of $1,000 was given to the Rasac Scholaship fund. The theme this year was "Lucky 7's".  Runners with bib # 7 and runners with a finish score of 7 got random prizes.  A total of 152 prizes were handed out.  212 runners signed up and we had 183 finishers.

The results are now posted at Elite Race management site. Go here to see the results:

Year 8
- 2015 - Run a race with Phil on his 70th birthday, March 15, 2015.  7 K or 7 Miles or Both

The results are now posted at Go here to see the results:

Price - 7 K      - $ 10.00 or
          7 Miles - $10.00 or
          Both    -  $20.00

First 79 to sign up, got a Special Birthday Mug and the first 7 male & female finishers got a special red blanket gift.

There were 91 runners who finished the 7 K race and 38 finished the 7 miler.  Over $2,800 was raised for The Stoke Network and the Rasac Scholarship fund.

Here is a video of the start of the 7 K race:


Year 9 - 2016 - Back to FREE Breakfast after the 5 K run at MaGerks Pub. Runners got a Blue New Balance shirt and we handed out 11 pairs of FREE random shoes from New Balance.  Overall winners got a Plaque (Large, Med & small) plus a mug and beenie.   Age group winners got a mug and the 1st in age group got a red beenie.

Theme was:   Prices changes each month & Shoes sizes and we had 201 sign up for the race and 151 finishers.

A check for $1,000.00 was turned over to the Rasac scholarship fund and over $2,000.00 was raised for The Stroke Network.

We had 201 runners sign up and 151 finishers on a very windy day. The police asked me if we were going to cancel the race.  I don't think he knew me very good.

Results are now posted at:

Year 10
 - 2017 - FREE Breakfast after the 5 K run at MaGerks Pub. Runners got a red New Balance shirt and the first 3 male and female finishers got a cash award ($100, $50 & $25).

Theme for 2017 was:    "A Decade since my stroke"

Age group winners (1,2, & 3) got a special 10 year mug.

All 5K finisher also got a nice small 5K Ribbon.    
A total of $4,100.00 in checks was turned over to the Stroke Network and $1,000.00 was turned over to the rasac scholarship fund.

We had 242 runners sign up and 202 runners finished.

Results are posted at:

Year 11 - 2018 -The start for the 5K race was moved to Williams St on the Ma Pa trail. Several special prizes were handed out. Runners got a Heather Tech T-shirt. The Grand Prize was a New Bike from Civic Cyclery in Bel Air.  Steve Boutilier won the bike on the third drawing. Cash awards for 1,2,3 Male and Female were handed out for $100.00, $50.00 and $25.00.

125 Runners signed up for the race and 97 runners finished.

Results are here:

Year 12 - 2019 - 156 Runners signed up for the race and 127 finished. Raised  $2,390.00 for the Stroke Network and donated $700.00 to the Harford Country Running scholarship fund and $127.00 to the Ma Pa Trail Assoc. The grand bike was won by on of my key volunteers.  The theme this year was; "An Even Dozen".

Results are here:

Survivor Run Winners
No.  Year Date Disance  Men Mens Time Women  Womens Time Comments
0 2007             I had my Stoke on April 7,  2007
1 2008 4/6/2008 5 Miles Luke Belford 31:05 Christine Trzcinski 35:36 Started at the Hospital 
2 2009 4/5/2009 5 K Shawn Loper 15:49 Megan McNew 18:48 Started at Annie's Playgroud
3 2010 4/4/2010 5K Luke Belford 17:03 Julia Bacso 22:59 Started at Williams St.
4 2011 4/3/2011 5K Michael Feinberg 17:45 Julia Bacso 21:11 Started at MaGerks Pub. Only 3.0 miles
5 2012 4/1/2012 5K  Tyler Muse 16:42 Jenn Bouffard 20:57 Started at MaGerks Pub.  Race was a true 5 K.
6 2013 4/7/2013 5K Darren Thompson 17:48 Rebecca Parks 19:36 Started at MaGerks Pub.  Race was a true 5 K ( I think?)
7 2014 4/6/2014 5K  Alex Loper 16:34 Jessica Rogers 20:09 Started at MaGerks Pub.  Race was a true 5 K.
8A 2015 3/15/2015 7K Charles Powell II 27:55 Tabitha Petz 34:16 Started at Williams St.
8B 2015 3/15/2015 7M Darren Thompson 46:02 Jennifer Perkovich 60:09 Started at Williams St.
9 2016 4/3/2016 5K Darren Thompson 18:13 Alexandra Noark 21:33 Start at MaGerks Pub.  Race was a true 5 K.
10 2017 4/2/2017 5K Rich Wilson 16:37 Meghan Hairfield 20:01 Start at MaGerks Pub.  "Decade since my stroke"
11 2018 4/8/2018 5K Kiplangat Tisia 16:47 Melanie Campion 25:11 Start on The Ma Pa Trail. "Do you what a new bike?"
12 2019 4/7/2019 5k Warren Staver 19:33 Melanie Campion 23:10 Started at bike shop. "A Even Dozen"
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